A Parent’s Guide To Online Learning in Canada

Planning for your child’s education is important right from the beginning. Often parents are worried about online learning, and whether or not it can provide similar results as physical classrooms. Here, we attempt to be your guide to give you a clearer picture about online learning in Canada, and bust some myths about it.

On line learning is on an up move and is moving from a fringe to a mainstream activity, while Canada still holds a high percentage for its growth. Approximately, a growth of 8.75% per annum can be seen in the expansion of online learning. Online learning basically appeals to those who cannot afford the time and money to move from one state to another. In the past decade, the tuition fees of full time regular courses have risen to 40%.

A study reveals that while enrollments in higher educational institutes has decreased over all, enrollments in online programs continue to grow. A strong growth in online professional degree programs is increasing as it focuses on employability and career advancements.

Online courses are showing excellence in offering quality content that inspires a student to integrate, associate and innovate. Wide range of courses are provided by these portals. With a little time, one is able to choose the e-learning program according to one’s need.


  • It is extremely cost effective.
  • Online courses offer more flexibility and are ideal for people with a busy schedule as they get free from the structured class room learning.
  • On line training reduces learning time by 35%-45% in comparison to face to face training.
  • Learning gains can be found in learner’s attitude towards e- learning format as the individual is in focus.
  • Better gains are found on learner’s scores on tests, certification or other evaluations.
  • Learners show better ability to apply new knowledge or processes on the job.
  • Learners have long term retention of information they have mastered.
  • Learners are able to work at their own pace, with the ability to analyze and retain the content.
  • Online learning focuses on the areas where learners require maximum attention rather than wasting time where learner is already competent.

Due to ongoing technology advances, online learning is continuously developing and improving the amount of interaction and engagement expressed by trainees. The best online schools in Canada are:

Athabasca University offers online and distance programs and courses. Number of online undergraduate and graduate programs are available in accounting, administration, architectural design studio, anthropology, applied sciences, architecture, arts, history, astronomy, astrophysics, biology, chemistry, communications, criminal justice, economics, education, English and many more.

Similarly, McGill University, Thompson Rivers University, Royal Roads University, University of Manitoba, Canadian Virtual University, provides a number of courses. All these colleges provide multiple tools that allow educators to make learning interactive and interesting. Collaboration tools are readily available to keep the students interactive. Students are kept updated on what is coming up and key assignments dates. Creating presentation slides helps to organize the lessons and highlight the main points.

These colleges are utilizing educational tools to encourage communication, discussion groups, live webinars, collaboration software and social learning methods to overcome one-way communication that exists in the online environment. All these tools encourage students to take the initiative in their approach to learning.

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